Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Service Innovation? The One Day a Week Restaurant

Came across this article in Good. Thought it was an intriguing way to envision service delivery. Basically, one restaurant rents the space of another restaurant when they're closed on Mondays. So simple it's genius.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dott 07: Revealing the Invisible

It's been a few years since I worked on this installation in the UK but I was thinking a bit about space and place since being holed up back in Pittsburgh during the winter months. A couple of years back I headed over to England to work with DOTT (Design of the Times) which is a federally supported 10 year project exploring what life in a sustainable world could look like. I was on a team with a handful of artists and designers and our gig was to see what it would take to support sustainable tourism based on the industrial heritage of NE England. What transpired was a 14 day discovery > design charette resulting in Revealing the Invisible--a series of light-based installations which illuminated the missing elements of Allendale's industrial past. Once you're on the page, hit the link about half way down that is called "Revealing the Invisible" to learn more. You can also take a look at some images I have here.