Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Sustainable Everyday Project

The Sustainable Everyday Project Sustainable Everyday (SEP) proposes an open web platform to stimulate social conversation on possible sustainable futures…
The SEP network is organized around 3 core activities.

The promotion of a Scenarios laboratory where new visions of sustainable everyday life are proposed and discussed.

The constitution of a Catalogue of cases showing examples of social innovation from all other the world developing original solutions promising in terms of sustainability.

The organization of a traveling exhibition to meet public events, confront with close scientific communities and give visibility to new visions of sustainable daily living.

Projects and case studies address such issues as housing, aging, food security, commuting and transportation, learning and socializing. One case study includes, Second Home which asks:

How do mental disabled people get a job where they feel needed?
Where do people with less financial means have the possibility to go out for dinner and music.
Where do lonesome people go to find a friend or just being together with other if they do not fell like they belong in this society?
If you do not have financial possibilities or facilities at home, where can you go to make clothes of your own, make pottery, draw after models, use wood shop facilities and so on?

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